Thursday 'Toon: Creepy Joe and His Full-of-Gas 'Inflation Reduction Act' Balloon

The Inflation Reduction Act isn’t going to reduce inflation. That’s clear. Joe lied, and people are going pay for his lies. And when I say “people,” that means everyone.


Joe’s been lying since before I was born. Before most Americans were born. And one should never lose sight of the fact that not only is Joe a congenital and consistent fabricator, embellisher of his life events and career, he’s also hair-sniffing, handsy, shower-with-the-daughter, creepy old coot. Joe’s creepy, handsy self seemed a perfect metaphor for a carney grifty-grifter and the absurdly titled, “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Creepy Joe and his merry band of pick-pockets have presented America with a balloon full of hot gas. While Joe cops a feel and asks for a sniff ‘o hair, the Democrats are stealing America blind.

Hide you children and your wallets. 2023 and 2024 are going to be expensive years.



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