Twitter Is Suppressing Hunter Information to Protect 'The Big Guy'

In 2019, when The New York Post broke the Hunter Biden story, Twitter dutifully turned into the information KGB. The second any news of Hunter appeared, it disappeared like a dissident with a sign in Red Square. For information distribution Twitter was Pravda. It amplified propaganda disparaging the Hunter news as “classic Russian disinformation.” So did MSNBC and CNN and their cadre of faithful DNC mouthpieces. The irony was not lost on anyone. Twitter hid the story and the DNC hid Joe in a basement.


It turned out, the “disinformation” was the campaign to suppress information about Hunter. Now, Joe’s the president, and his son has been quietly brought back into the fold. Hunter accompanied the First Family to Camp David for the 4th of July and attended the Medal of Freedom awards – but the Hunter hits keep coming. What has Twitter done? It continues to suppress Huntergate. Hunter doesn’t trend on Twitter, and when leading conservative voices tweeted about Hunter, comments magically started to disappear. It happened to Dave Rubin.

Last week, Rubin posted a video about Bill Maher having a Damascus moment, but let’s be honest Maher always jumps on the wagon when it’s safe.


Elon Musk noted that Twitter suppress Hunter news and tweets magically started appearing. Conservatives wanted to see the data

Then the deal went belly up (for now), and tweets about Hunter lost momentum. Although Hunter tweets were everywhere “Hunter” didn’t trend.

That didn’t stop one of the voices Twitter can’t shadow ban or ignore – Elon Musk.

Musk Tweeted a photo meme of a guy wearing 10 GoPros on his helmet with the tweet reading:


“Hunter Biden every time he buys crack and hookers”

I just did an “advanced search” with the keywords “Hunter Biden” from the account @elonmusk . Here is the result I got.

Google Search Results (Credit: Jim Thompson)

The Musk tweet might still be there. A search by others might yield better results, but for me — Elon Musk never tweeted about “Hunter Biden.” Maybe Elon Musk has deleted every tweet he ever made about Hunter Biden? Maybe that’s the answer, but the alternative is that the little blue bird is trying to suppress information about Hunter to protect the Big Guy.

Whatever the case, Twitter is trying its best to hide Hunter news.



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