Remember July 4, 2021, When Biden Was Just a Dolt?

Nicolas Datiche/Pool Photo via AP

Remember the good old days? You know, when Joe Biden was just a dolt?

It was July 4, 2021, before Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, with people falling out of the wheel wells of a C17. It was before Biden left Americans citizens behind for the Taliban to track down and murder. It was before 13 American soldiers were blown up because of Biden’s rank incompetence, and before Joe retaliated by killing 10 innocent people with a JDAM.


It was before Biden was seen checking his watch, while the bodies of American soldiers were brought home.

It was before inflation started to accelerate like a drag racer on a green light, hitting a 40-year high.

It was before Drag Queens became the go-to for sexualizing 5 years old, and before drag queen readers were arrested for child porn.

It was before we knew the contents of Hunter’s laptop and the depths of the “Big Guy’s” corruption.

It was before Biden called voting rights reform “21st Century Jim Crow Assault.”

It was before Biden threatened Americans with a COVID “Winter of Death” — unless we listened to the America’s Lawn Gnome, Lord Fauci.

It was before Ukraine and before Biden could blame Putin for everything he’s mucked up.

It was before families had to make a decision to put gas in the car or food on the table.


It was before Biden’s team admitted the truth that it’s all intended for a “New Liberal World Order.’

Last year, we had fun with Biden when his Administration did their silly flex about bringing down the cost of a Fourth of July barbecue by 16 cents. It was mockable, silly, and a lie. Like Biden’s entire presidency.

Yeah. Good Times.


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