Own an Electric Car? Thank a Slave

China Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay


Electric Cars are the future! Except, they aren’t.

California wants to replace of all of its gas and diesel powered vehicles with E-cars.  But the state’s electrical grid can’t even handle the present load. California anticipates blackouts and brownouts at least through 2025. Adding a million E-cars to the mix is an epic George Jetson and flying cars fiction and will, inevitably result in larger and longer blackouts and brownouts.


The other part of the fiction about E cars is that batteries are made with a massive amount of raw material, mined by diesel-driven equipment, and slave labor.

Notwithstanding the dream that E-Cars are produced in Santa’s magic workshop, they are not. All of the raw minerals and elements needed for EV batteries are strip-mined. Liberals happily drive their E cars while scolding truck drivers, almost certainly never consider the environmental and human cost of the battery powered “clean vehicles.” Almost all of the known deposits of cobalt are found in the Congo. Slaves/Child laborers harvest those raw materials.  The conditions for miners range from horrid to barely humane.

China has the corner on graphite and lithium.  America will import almost all of its lithium and 100 percent of its graphite from Communist China to make E-Car batteries. How does the CCP get those elements out of the ground? Thank a Uyghur slave. China employs hundreds if not thousands in the forced labor of minerals. The mining giant Xinjiang Nonferrous Metal Industry works hundreds of Uyghurs in its mines. EV car? Thank a slave.


EV batteries are something like labor slaves in that they need to be disposed of once their effective life is spent. With slaves, they just disappear.  With batteries, the “experts” envision a recycling process by which used EV batteries are completely recycled but we are nowhere near that stage yet.  At present, the cost to recycle exceeds the cost of pulling the elements out of the ground, so the need for slave labor will continue for the foreseeable future. But good news — the most “efficient” EV battery recycler is located in China.

The next time an EV owner lectures you about your gas-guzzling car, ask them — have they thanked a slave lately?



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