NYC Mayor Eric Adams Flunks History at Memorial Day Ceremony

Entrance to USS Intrepid. Credit: Screenshot/Wikipedia

Remember when politicians used to care about facts? Meh, me neither.

The Mayor of New York City Eric Adams attended a Memorial Day Ceremony at the USS Intrepid Museum. The Intrepid, like the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor and the USS Iowa in Los Angeles Harbor, are former warships converted to floating museums. The museum has been open since 1982. When a visitor enters the Intrepid museum the ship’s bell is staring back. Like all ship bells, the year of commission is right on the bell – 1943.  In fact the USS Intrepid was commissioned in August of 1943 It didn’t make its way to Pearl Harbor until two years after the Pearl Harbor attack.


Why is that important? Eric Adams tweeted about Intrepid’s history. He get’s a solid F in the effort.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams tweet about the USS Intrepid, May 30, 2022.

I sometimes get my historical dates mixed up, but if memory serves, the Pearl Harbor attack was December 7, 1941. And, again, if memory serves, there were no carriers at Pearl Harbor during the attack, so none of the them had to endure the attack. Maybe Adams got confused watching Ben Affleck in the movie Pearl Harbor. Ben flew in every major air battle in Europe and the Pacific and flew off of the Hornet during the Doolittle Raid. They were intrepid raiders avenging Pearl Harbor. Sorry, just spitballing.

Had carriers been moored at Pearl Harbor the war might have been prolonged by a year or more, but who am I to guess or, frankly, dispute the Mayor of New York City.

In any event. Mayor Adams’ tweet reminded me of another great historian – John Blutarsky, sage of the Delta House Historical Society, when he recounted in stark detail the German attack on Pearl Harbor.


Germans? Forget it, he’s rolling…


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