Washington Post's Dumpster-Diving 'Reporter' Taylor Lorenz Isn't a Victim

The deeper story of Taylor Lorenz’s TikTok tantrum isn’t Taylor Lorenz. Sure she’s like a shifty raccoon dumpster-diving into a garbage can, sifting through the trash in the hopes of finding something juicy to clamp down on. Sure she’ll leave garbage strewn everywhere and an awful smell in her wake but it’s what she does. Lorenz revels in ruining people’s lives (usually women). She is, after all, a rich mean girl from Greenwich, Connecticut.

Lorenz is taking flak now and will for days, but in my opinion, this deeply disturbed, possibly sociopathic — at a minimum, vengeful — narcissistic mean girl enjoys every mention of her name. Like the Prada-wearing High School girl of B movie fame, she ruins lives because she can. Lorenz isn’t sad about anything or for anyone she’s destroyed. Lorenz has earned her mean girl stripes. Her act goes back years.

The daughters of Pam Geller were two of her first victims. They ran a fun Instagram account called “Girl With No Job.” They never mentioned their mother’s position on Islam, but that didn’t matter to the social media raccoon. She outed them. Their crime? Being related to Geller. They lost their business, the show was canceled, and their agent dropped them. Mission accomplished. What did the daughters have to do with their mom? Nothing.

Lorenz went after teenage girls on TikTok because that’s what she does. She ruins people.

Lorenz published a hit piece about a woman named Arianda Jacob. Lorenz claimed Jacob had turned the dreams of a TikToker into nightmares. Jacob’s business collapsed. She’s suing Lorenz for $6.2 million. The case is still pending in SDNY.

Lorenz seems to reserve her worst dumpster-diving for women.

In March of last year, Lorenz used “International Women’s Day” to castigate Tucker Carlson for having the temerity to call her out. Lorenz said that her life was “destroyed” after Carlson’s piece. The leftist Brookings Institute authored an article claiming it tracked “harmful” language directed at their favorite muckraker — and mean tweets, apparently, increased by 115 percent. What does that mean? Not a lot.

Brookings used an open-source site called “Perspective” to calibrate online meanies.  Perspective’s “how it works” page shows animation for assigning values. It assigns values to words and phrases, with the number “1” being super bad. According to Perspective the phrase “Shut up, you’re an idiot!” has a .99 “toxicity” value with a .15 “threat” value. Draw your own conclusions about how mean people are – but mean tweets didn’t ruin people’s lives like Lorenz tries her best to do.

Lorenz’s favorite line now is, “I’m destroyed.” She’ll publish a hit-piece and then claim victimhood all while responding online to anything she can use to bolster her victimhood status. It hasn’t been two weeks since she appeared for a TV interview where she claimed “severe” PTSD and fake-cried about her “destroyed” life. Then she published the Libs of TikTok hit piece. Her inability to see or recognize her abject hypocrisy tells me she doesn’t care about the damage she causes – it is always someone else she can point a boney finger at and blame for being “mean” or lacking ethics.

Her story in the Washington Post didn’t just expose the Libs of TikTok’s owner; it exposed that Lorenz, far from being an outlier, is just the raccoon making the most noise. Taylor Lorenz is not alone in being repugnant. Her employer published a full-support statement that, in short, said, “Taylor is a great reporter, we support her, and no personal information was published.” It was a lie. The Post claimed that her article didn’t include personal information. It did. That information was removed after the story was published, without annotation or footnote. That wasn’t a mistake. The Post did it on purpose, then lied about it, and fellow guttersnipes and garbage can raccoons jumped in.

I could pull from dozens of Twitter accounts, but the below is a popular one. Chad Loder is a “They/Them.” Chad is an avid Lorenz bootlicker and an Andy Ngo hater. His tweeter feed is, for the present, devoted to stalking Libs of TikTok.

Libs of TikTok didn’t target teachers. That’s a lie. The account reposted videos already published on TikTok by the “teachers” themselves. Raichik may have been in Washington DC on January 6th, but for Chad, that’s enough to burn her at the stake.

There are plenty of Chads on Twitter and TikTok. They make no apologies about calling everyone they disagree with a Nazi, fascist, or white supremacist and then harassing, chasing/doxxing people over points of view. This Chad filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against an LAPD captain. Why? Because the captain blocked him on Twitter. The cop blocked Chad because according to the captain, he was getting harassed by Chad’s followers. The case is still active (2: 21 cv-04455-JAK-sp) even though the captain retired last year. Why? Because Chad likes to bother people he doesn’t agree with.

Chad’s points of view are pretty clear. For example, Chad “liked” a fellow guttersnipe’s tweet about mocking dead soldiers.


Lorenz isn’t the disease — she’s a symptom of a broader contagion that the left has been infected with for years. There are thousands of Taylor Lorenz’s online, and there are thousands of Chads, too. They all hate you. Buckle up, America.

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