Mask Mandate Is History - What Will the Flight Attendant MaskNazis Do?

Ten days ago, I was on another airplane flying home. The woman seated directly across from me was a flight attendant. Her flight had been canceled the day before and she was hitching a ride home. Her mask dangled around her chin for 90 percent of the flight. We struck up a conversation about masks. You might have already guessed, she was not a proponent. She called them unscientific and stupid.


She was in stark contrast to a flight a few months before when a male flight attendant stopped and stared at me. I looked up and he told me, loudly, to “Get your mask up.” Mind you, my mask was on and was covering my nose. I inched it up and he exploded. “ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM?!” I didn’t want to be sent to the airline gulag and I pulled my mask over my entire nose. He stared at me for a couple more seconds and then left to inspect the rest of the inmates. The guy next to me stared at me like I just dodged a bullet. There were other examples of MaskNazis on the several flights I was on over the past year. I was yelled at once and scolded about mask placement while eating. It couldn’t be off — it had to be “on” but below my mouth. It was all absurd theater. And God forbid that your mask has “Let’s Go Brandon” on it. That will get you thrown off flights.

A federal judge has, rightfully, put an end to mandating masks on planes and in airports. The rule came into being because the CDC played god, and (shockingly) that isn’t allowed in our constitutional republic. It shouldn’t surprise you, but Democrat lawmakers generally have little understanding of how the Constitution works, and many took to social media to remind us how dumb they are. Here is one example:


Pundits were equally clueless and equally classless. MSNBC’s talking melon Sam Stein had a great take. The judge is 35. Seriously, that was his critique.

She’s been an Asst. US Attorney, clerked for three federal judges, and clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas. And she is a law professor, but Stein wants you to know what’s important. She’s 35. Imagine how Stein would have reacted if a Biden-appointed judge ruled in Biden’s favor and Tucker Carlson had opened his monologue with nothing more than: “What does this woman know? She’s 35.”

The mask mandate is over. Judge Mizelle’s ruling is based on the law, not nonsense or feelings or emotion. The federal government overstepped its bounds and a federal judge put a stop to it. That’s how our system works — or is supposed to work. For all the silly people clutching pearls and gnashing teeth, nothing will stop you from wearing a Hazmat Level A suit if you want. If you’re terrified to fly with unmasked people, cars do exist.


I don’t know what the MaskNazis who hassled me and countless others over masks will do. It was the most power they have ever had and now it’s gone. What will they do?



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