Wednesday Cartoon: California Democrats Are Pouring Gasoline on Taxpayers and Lighting Us on Fire

In California, the Democrats have a super-majority. Whatever they want to pass, they can pass with the signature of Gov. Hairgel.

This week, a bill that Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R) had proposed to suspend the highest state gas tax in the country (61 cents total) was allowed to go to hearing. Kiley’s Spidey-Senses went into overdrive because Democrats in Sacramento never do the “right thing.” And they didn’t. They highjacked his bill and used it as a vehicle to increase taxes on Californians. Instead of a needed break, they poured gasoline on taxpayers and threw a match on us.

It’s remarkable what complete goons California Democrat lawmakers are.

Watch how they collectively cower and protect their own cowardice — because they have the numbers.

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