The Clintons Are Resurrecting the Clinton Global Initiative From the Dead

With inflation stomping on everyday Americans, Europe in flames, and Biden’s Administration auguring in like a Russian helicopter, what better time for the Clintons to resurrect the Clinton Global Initiative?

If you check in with Politifact and other fact-checkers, the Clinton Foundation and its stepchild, the Clinton Global Initiative, are totally on the up-and-up. The Clintons never took a dime from any of them. No, seriously, they didn’t. Bill and Hillary and Chelsea were stewards. Saints. Sure, Bill’s speaking fees skyrocketed when his wife was at State, but coincidences happen.

While in government “service,” Hillary forgot that she wasn’t allowed to use a private server. When Hillary was Secretary of Influence Peddling, her emails were being read by Putin and Xi — but she fixed that by mashing the hard drives into bar coasters. Oops.

Sure, there might be some history of less-than-stellar ethics when it comes to reporting of foreign contributions but, yeah everyone makes mistakes. Bill Clinton claimed that the Clinton Foundation charity has done nothing “knowingly inappropriate.” Who hasn’t forgotten to report foreign influence peddling, am I right? After Clinton lost in 2016, the Clinton Global Initiative cratered. It went from flush with donations to shuttering and laying off 22 employees. Dead as Jeffrey Epstein.

The Clintons always have excuses. They’ve been doing it for so long that it’s become second nature — like breathing.

Bottom line, the 74-year-old Hillary is running for president, again. Everyone knows grandma’s running. She sees President Faceplant in the Oval Office and says “Why not me? I CAN DO THAT!”  She’s running.

What better time to raise the Clinton Global Initiative from the bowels of Hell?  Rise, CGI!

It’s alive! ALIVE!

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