The Left Launches All-out Pearl-Clutching Raid on Marco Rubio, Gets Shot Down With Facts

Ukrainian President Zelensky during Zoom meeting with U.S. senators. Screenshot credit: Marco Rubio/Twitter.

The Left’s outrage brigade was in full flower on Saturday when they learned that Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Steve Daines (R-MT) had tweeted a photo of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky during a Zoom call. I suspect everyone reading this is squinting at their screen and muttering, “So?”


Well, apparently the Ukrainian Ambassador asked that no one share anything about the meeting while the parties were in the meeting. Rubio and Danes tweeted a photo of Zelensky while Zelensky was on the screen, and apparently that was akin to giving targeting coordinates to the Rooskies.

The left quickly sprung into action. They activated the outrage hive and swarmed to the threat. “OH. MY. GOD! You just put Zelensky in the crosshairs of Putin’s sniper rifle! Literally dead!” The outrage participants included the usual hardcore leftist nuts, and some RINOs like Michael Steele. All jumped on the crazy train. They were demanding that Twitter act — and act now — before the Russians launch a nuke!  Take down that tweet, they raged! Zelensky’s life is in danger! Literally!

When it comes to Ukraine, the left lives in a bad thriller novel or an Austin Powers movie. They envision Russians sitting at a double-secret spy site, with techs assigned to Twitter and one guy assigned to Rubio. He instantly sees Rubio’s tweet, and runs to his boss, Col Kissov. Kissov picks up the red phone and calls Putin.

Da, Comrade, we have Zelensky! We are triangulating his location. How, Comrade Putin? We triangulate location based on the color of his shirt, the background, and the location of the flag. Da! Comrade! We tasking our secret laser satellite as we speak!

Reality is different. Zelensky was not in danger, unless he had set up the Zoom call at a street corner, or he was at the local Internet café in a spot labeled:


“Reserved for President Zelensky’s Secret Zoom Call to USA at 2:00 AM”  

Sure, Rubio tweeted a photo during the meeting, and he was asked not to. Bad form, but, the meeting was over before the outrage mob had time to organize the hive. Rubio hash-tagged #Ukraine in the tweet, but didn’t tag Zelensky.

Reaction from sane people on Twitter was fun.

Sure, it was bad form from Rubio and Daines that they didn’t wait 10 minutes for the meeting to end (maybe they did). But Zelensky wasn’t zooming from said café in the middle of Kyiv. He was situated in front of a plain background with nothing alerting the Russians where he was.

Zelensky didn’t die from a Russian, secret laser strike, but the pearl-clutchers sure died a thousand deaths on Twitter.


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