COVID Olympics: Winners of the Mask Hypocrisy Event Are...

The COVID Olympics

Today’s winners of Mask Hypocrisy are:

Gold Medal:

Stacey Abrams.

Ms. Abrams (she/her/governor) Ms. Abrams has been practicing hypocrisy and bulking up for almost four years. Governor-in-Exile Stacey Abrams took a break from claiming voter fraud exists only when Democrats lose to visit a class full of school children wearing masks. Governor-in-Exile Abrams took off her mask to shoot hot gas at teachers and students and then posed for photos with the masked children. Abrams had remained unmasked. She was smiling because she didn’t have a mask on. The children looked like they were in a hostage proof-of-life photo. Ms. Abrams might have to resign from her position as Governor-in-Exile as she’s been part of the masks-forever crowd. She wins the Mask Hypocrisy Gold Medal by a ton.

Silver Medal:

Gavin Newsom.

At SoFi Stadium, Governor Hair Gel posed for a photo with Magic Johnson during the National Conference Championship game. Los Angeles is under a mask-mandate for stadiums but rules are for the unwashed masses, not the Governor of California. Gavin and Magic Johnson were seen smiling for the camera.

Prior to competing in the COVID Olympics, Governor Newsom crushed the competition while mandating masks for all of California, then attending a toney event at The French Laundry without a mask.

His maskless hypocrisy at SoFi was enough for a Silver Medal. He followed up the next day by assuring everyone that he only took his mask off for the one photo. Then more photos showed up of Hair Gel without a mask.

Bronze Medal:

Eric Garcetti.

The Mayor of Los Angeles was also photographed with Magic Johnson at SoFi without a mask on. Garcetti was deep in the pack of other Mask Hypocrites but finished strong by claiming that it was the only time he had his mask off — and that he was holding his breath while he had it off.

We won’t have the benefit of seeing Eric hold his breath again, as he’s off to India as Biden’s ambassador.


Congratulations to our Mask Hypocrite Winners!

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