Run! Hide! Bury Your Face in a Useless Mask! Omicron Is Here

Several Weeks ago Omicron was identified. South African doctors told us that, by all accounts, the new variant presented as very transmissible with mild symptoms. In California that offered the authoritarian in the governor’s mansion an opportunity to issue another mask mandate. Another month of masks. Then, it will be another month, then another.

In Los Angeles, there is a report of 30 new cases of Omicron. All mild, apparently, and 80% of the reported case have been double or triple vaxxed.

From that article:

“There are now 30 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant in LA County. Among those cases, 24 were in vaccinated people, four of whom also had boosters. None of them, however, developed serious illness“. (emphasis mine)

We’ve gone from flattening the curve to flattening reality.

Reality hasn’t stopped the authoritarians in DC or my home state of California from crying wolf, again. For those, like Tony Fauci, who get high on the fumes of power, this will never end. It doesn’t matter that the Omicron variant will infect whomever it gets to, vaxxed or unvaxxed, and will for the vast majority, present mild symptoms. Nope – they love their panic porn. They can’t get enough. Run! Hide! Mask! It’s never going to stop because they don’t want it to stop.

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