LA County Might Need to Call Snake Plissken, if Alex Villanueva Is Defeated in 2022

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The Sheriff of Los Angeles County is Alex Villanueva. He’s everything you’d want in a Sheriff. Honest and forthright, he speaks his mind and catches crooks. Born in Chicago, but growing up in Puerto Rico, he learned Spanish and read books while walking to school. He joined the Air Force and joined the LA County Sheriff’s office, working his way up the ranks, eventually winning the 2018 election for Sheriff. By doing so, he became the first person to unseat a sitting Sheriff in 104 years. And he has a doctorate. Unlike Jill Biden, no one calls him “Doctor.”


In 2018, the department was still tainted by the stain of Lee Baca. Baca was serving time for covering up for criminal deputies in the department when Villanueva ran for the position of Sheriff. In 2018 Villanueva unseated a Baca holdover and cleaned house the first day he took office. He removed a captain from his post and transferred deputies out of the East Los Angeles Station — literally cleaned up a dirty house that was home to three dozen deputies suspected of being less than honest, or suspected of acting like thugs on the streets.

He implemented body-cams for his deputies when every other preceding Sheriff refused.

Although he’s a Democrat, he’s not a toady for the Democrat power machine. And, in doing so, he rubbed powerful people the wrong way. When the LA County Board of Supervisors demanded that he implement a mask mandate, he refused.

The State’s Attorney General (at the time Xavier Becerra) launched an investigation earlier this year, claiming “discrimination” and police brutality. It was a message to Villanueva: “Stay in your lane.” The investigation was launched with DOJ cooperation and appears to be targeted not at the department but the Sheriff. In any event, these investigations are intended to force consent decrees and ultimately to hollow out policing.

If you need more evidence that Villanueva is “over the target” and doing the right thing, he’s criticized LA County’s District Attorney George Gascón  as “godawful.” Gascón is awful — no, godawful. His election was funded by Soros’ money, and he happily proclaimed that he would not prosecute a number of crimes. Saying Gascón is soft on crime is like calling water wet. In LA, homicides skyrocketed. They are up 46% from 2019. Car thefts are up 53%. You’ve seen the videos – armed criminals are brandishing handguns and robbing people sitting at restaurant tables. Although smash and grabs are rampant LA, according to galaxy-brain AOC, they aren’t real


What has Gascón said about Villanueva? Gascón called him a pig.

Sheriff Villanueva is too honest a voice, and too good a man to be left in office. He has a rival. The Chief of Police for Los Angeles International Airport is Cecil Rhambo. Rhambo is a former Sheriff deputy and that pretty much sums up his resume. His claim to fame is that he testified against Lee Baca. Not much of a resume builder since Baca was clearly covering up for criminals.

Rhambo has already tied down several endorsements. None of them are grassroots — rather, the rich and powerful want him to be Sheriff. Democrats in LA and Sacramento are rallying to Rhambo. He’s starting to smell like a Soros plant. He has little that qualifies him to lead the most populous county in California. In a recent photoshoot, Rhambo is seen looking into the clear blue sky like he’s watching planes land at LAX. Every time I think of cops at airports I picture the bumblers in Die Hard II.

The more I read, the more I’m convinced Rhambo isn’t an action hero, rather he’s a Soros-backed, inaction plant.

On Twitter, he had some illustrative things to say — not about what he’s applying for (like policing and crimes), but what he thinks is really important. Talking points his puppetmasters at  Soros’ “Democracy PAC” think are really important.

He wrote:

I am pro-democracy, and believe we must do everything possible to protect and expand voting rights. We must also hold those who engaged in the January 6th insurrection accountable”


Beyond the silly platitudes about things that have nothing to do with the job of Sheriff, he calls the January 6th Capitol riot an “insurrection.” Federal prosecutors literally charging a clown who videoed himself saying:

“I don’t always storm the Capitol of the United States of America, but when I do, I prefer Coors Light.”

Coors Light Dude is an “insurrectionist” but smash and grab thugs will be back on the street in hours.

He then wrote:

“I believe that climate change is real, poses an urgent, existential threat, and we must act now to address it.”

Now? As in, TODAY, or when Al Gore proclaimed 20 years ago that we had to act “now” to address — at the time — global warming.

And what does climate change have to do with being a Sheriff? Nothing, but it’s a favorite of George Soros.

Finally, he wrote:

I believe in reproductive freedom and am 100% pro-choice.

100%? Choices like mask-wearing, or no vaccines for 5-year-olds? Nah he means a woman can abort at 8 months 3 weeks because he’s 100% pro-choice.

Los Angeles County already has one Soros-backed nut-bag heading the Office of District Attorney. Crime is skyrocketing. I sure hope Rhambo isn’t heading the LA Sheriff’s Department in 2022. Might as well wall off LA and call in Snake Plissken.



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