Of Little White Lies and White Guilt. My Conversation With a Teacher

I recently went to a party in one of LA’s leftist thought-enclaves where a conservative is scarcer than a penguin at the North Pole. A grade school teacher I’ve known for decades started a conversation with me. She’s a sweetheart, and usually levelheaded and open-minded. She knows I’m a conservative, but she knows I listen to other points of view if they aren’t screamed at me.


I guess she felt all loaded with ammo. She told me she attended a seminar on Whiteness and White Privilege. The keynote speaker was John Powell. “He’s brilliant,” she said. The seminar was “eye-opening.” Powell heads the UC Berkeley Othering & Belonging Institute and teaches African American History and Ethnic studies. Guess what his views are on race? Powell’s views are very much in tune with Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones. He embraces the fiction proffered by those race grifters so it was no surprise that she learned how bad she was for being white, and she was a product of white privilege.

The “tell” that she was fully indoctrinated, was her effusive praise of Colin Kaepernick’s garbage biopic. She said she watched it but it was clear she didn’t watch much, or didn’t understand that she was watching Kaepernick throw his white family under the bus while elevating himself to idol status.

I’ve read plenty about white teachers being inculcated with guilt simply for the color of their skin. This was my initial, first-hand experience listening to someone who had gotten drunk on the Kool-Aid.

I had little choice but to ask at least a couple of questions.


Me: “Kaepernick’s an idiot. Do you think the NFL is just like slavery?”

Teacher: “What?”

Me: “Yeah, that was in the first five minutes. He compared playing in the NFL to slavery. He threw his parents under the bus, too. They raised him, gave him everything, and he repaid them by depicting his mom as a moron, and his dad as a dolt. Does ‘privilege’ exist for blacks? I mean do the children of LeBron James have an advantage over the children of poor white parents?”

Teacher: “Come on, that’s different.”

Me: “I know, money carries privilege. Did you know the poorest counties in the US are white?”

Teacher: “What? Are you claiming white privilege doesn’t exist?”

Me: “Money confers privilege in 2021. This isn’t Little Rock, 1958. If all grades are equal, would it be easier to get into Harvard as a black woman, or a white man?”

Teacher: “White man.”

Me: “You’re wrong — Harvard goes out of the way to discriminate against whites and Asians.”

Me: “One more question. How many unarmed blacks are killed by police on average in a calendar year?”

Teacher: “I don’t know… 80?”

Me: “Not even close, it’s around 10 and most of those ‘unarmed’ are fleeing arrest or they were shot resisting, but you’re closer than most liberals. A majority of liberals guessed the number to be over a thousand every year; people IDing as ‘very liberal’ thought it was 10,000, every year.”


That’s when she got a look of shock on her face, like a flat-earther viewing Earth from space, but it wasn’t that the scales were coming off her eyes, she just didn’t believe me. I told her the Washington Post had reported on this and still, disbelief.

Me: “Have you heard of Thomas Sowell?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “Great. Have you read any of his books?”

Teacher: “No.”

Yeah. Thought not.


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