Code Red: Fredo Cuomo Is Swimmin' Wit da Fishes


Chris Fredo Cuomo is “swimmin’ wit da fishes”. Chris was fired on Saturday. The investigation was shorter than Jeffrey Toobin’s… oh never mind; the end was quick, like a short-nosed .38 to the back of the melon.

Chris hated to be called Fredo. He still does. Stop calling him that –

“I’m SMART, not like everybody says, not dumb, and I want respect!”

Fredo labeled “Fredo” the Italian equivalent of the N-word word, which kinda confirms, that he is Fredo. Like Fredo Corleone, he just made too many mistakes and made the fatal error of lying to the da family, so Zuck had to whack him, not in the literal sense but Fredo’s career is wearing cement overshoes.

Fredo Cuomo is out of the family business. Gone fishing.


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