Tony Fauci, Eveready Bunny of Lockdowns

The highest paid United States federal employee is Anthony Fauci. (I’ll wait while you finish vomiting.)

Tony wants you to get your money’s worth, Like the Eveready bunny, he never seems to stop.

That is, he never stops with his power-grab. He wants to run your life until you are taking a dirt nap and then, maybe, he will leave you alone.

On Sunday the greatest doctor in the land (besides Dr. Jill Biden, peace be upon her) was open to more lockdowns. Why? Because, why not? Lockdowns are his comfort food, his Linus blanket, his teddy bear.

This new variant isn’t the Nu or Xi variant, but from available evidence and first impressions, this COVID strain might be better named the “Meh” variant. Although it appears to be more transmittable, health officials in South Africa are reporting mild symptoms.

When asked about the “Meh” variant, Dr Tony was open to more lockdowns. That might work in some states that you can color ‘blue,’ but I am doubting it catches on in red states.


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