CODE RED: Attack of the Dem Cosplayers, or How Five Clowns in Matching Khaki Sunk the SS McAuliffe

You likely have seen it. It was tweeted out by Terry McAuliffe’s Coms person and Christina Freundlich.

It depicts 5 people in matching khaki pants and white shirts. They approached the Youngkin bus saying, well, “something.” A local hack reporter…sorry crack reporter named Elizabeth Holmes reported that they were chanting “We’re all in for Glenn.”


It couldn’t be more obvious that it was 5 Dem clowns dressed up and cosplaying as Youngkin supporters. They could not have been more obviously McAuliffe leg-jumpers than if they had neon McAuliffe signs on their hats.

The 5 amigos apparently have zero self-awareness and think sunglasses will successfully hide their identities.  I think maybe 3 people actually believe these clowns-in-khaki aren’t McAuliffe acolytes.

I envision the pre-cosplay meeting:

Dummy 1: Bra this is going to be epic, I got 5 matching pairs of khaki pants from my dad’s closet. I couldn’t find any MAGA hats though, so let’s all wear baseball hats pulled way down, and look like Rick Wilson look-alikes.

Dummy 2: Bra, where’d you find the tiki torches?

Dummy 3: I raided my parent’s beach house, man!

Dummy 4: It’ll be epic but I’m Black won’t that be a dead giveaway?

Dummy 5 No way, I bought 5 sets of matching shades. No one will know it’s us!




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