CODE RED: AP Is Full of Humorless Drones (Fact-Check: True)

The AP recently fact-checked a satirical piece here on RedState. AP labeled a joke, false. Why? Because someone on Facebook might have taken it as true (the AP might fact-check my fact-checking AP fact-checking). The Babylon Bee has been fact-checked, so AP fact-checking a joke isn’t new. When you lack a sense of humor, jokes fly over your head at 35,000 feet. I’m thinking I’m well behind the curve, and I’m a little hurt, AP.


AP might want to fact-check this. Someone on Facebook might think The Lincoln Project has changed its logo to include a new tagline, and a likeness of Rick Wilson without his pants on, sitting on a Confederate cooler.

There is little truth to my cartoon, but if you see this on Facebook — you be the judge.


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