The New York Times: "Let's Redesign the American Flag"

(AP Photo/Peter Morgan, File)

Hey, let’s redo the American Flag!


The New York Times, to paraphrase classic description about the Soviet Union, is a parody, wrapping a fish inside a birdcage. Its editorial standards have devolved into a parody of leftist “wish-listing.” It showed the door to an editor for allowing Tom Cotton to write an op-ed.

Its standards for journalism have fallen on hard times. Journalists like Bari Weiss couldn’t exist in the newsroom or editorial division because, at the Times, they don’t co-exist they are identical. “Hard news” no longer exists.

Although asking designers to come up with a new design for the American flag might seem benign and tongue-in-cheek, it’s subtle signaling that the New York Times has no respect for America’s traditions. Yes, the flag has changed over the centuries, but only to add stars to the field of blue. It’s a marvelous and simple way the flag has remained the same, yet changed. Our flag is the most iconic and beautiful flag on the planet. Like the Constitution, it changes but remains the same.

It’s no wonder the featured image is god-awful. It’s spectacularly ugly. If a new country wanted to design a flag, that abomination would be the last on the list.

Asking designers to propose their own version is very much “New York Times like.”

It’s a terrible idea, and that’s all the news I have to print.



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