CODE RED: Cancel Culture and the Cult of Race Bullies

Bullies crave domination. They crave attention. They crave power. Power to make someone bend to their demands is their drug of choice.  America witnessed a bully in full flower two days ago.

Fredrick Joseph videoed Emma Sarley at a dog park. We listened to Jospeh describe what he claimed happened. According to Joseph what Sarley was complaining about was a yappy dog. According to Joseph, it wasn’t his dog. Joseph also claimed Sarley asked him to go back to his own “ ’Hood”. Whether she said that is highly debatable. After the alleged ‘hood comment, Joseph turned to some rando dude and asked the rando to verify his claim. Rando dude, standing with a beer in hand and no dog in sight, nods his approval and confirms the leading question. All of this smells as fishy as week-old tuna.

I don’t know Sarley. I doubt she would be in my circle of friends – not because she is now labeled, for life, a “racist”, but because (I am guessing) she is likely a left-leaning life-long “I’d never vote for a Republican”  Dem, just based on her residency alone. What she said, short of calling Joseph a racial invective isn’t relevant, it’s what Joseph did for the next two days. Joseph got to “work”. He enlisted twitter mobs to find out who Sarley was, where she lived, and who employed her. Within days Joseph had his answers. He sought out Sarley’s employer and had her fired. He gloated over his victory and announced that there are “consequences. Consequences, for what? Joseph ruined someone’s life, over a stupid comment. Is Sarley a “racist”? I doubt it. What she really said isn’t known, nor do we know the context for whatever was said. We do know one thing. Fredrick Joesph is a professional race-baiter.

Fredrick Joseph wrote a book called:  “The Black Friend: One Being a Better White Person”. If you search for his screed, you can find it on Amazon, but you have to put the whole title in. If you search “The Black Friend” you’ll find about two dozen titles. There are lots of race grifters out there.

I read some of his books so you don’t have to. It seems to be Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility written by a black guy.

Chapters include:

“Certain Things are Racist, Even if You Don’t Know It”


“You Could at Least Try to Pronounce My Name Correctly”

I admit I read little of it. I should have stopped at the preface. Why? The preface includes this line:

“Racism and white supremacy are the root causes of world-altering moments, such as the murder of Michael Brown…

When your preface includes a bald-faced lie, that Brown was ‘murdered’ you lost my attention. Nothing you can say after claiming Michael Brown was “murdered” carries any weight or legitimacy. Bottom line? If Joseph claiming someone said something “racist” and then turned to a beer-drinking rando to verify it then spent two days of his life to get her canceled, I’m doubting she said what he claims. Also, When Nicole Hanna-Jones, the author of the feckless 1619 project thinks you’re a jerk, you might be a jerk. I’m not a Pulitzer prize winner, but I think Fredrick Joseph isn’t a victim. I think he’s a race-baiting one-trick-pony, bully. That’s you, Fredrick Joseph.

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