CODE RED: Joe's Gun Emporium, No Background Check Needed

During the month of March, Joe Biden botched another exit. In an effort to look competent and virile Joe Biden stumbled on the ramp to Air Force One. Most people recall the shin-bashing three stumble event on March 19th. My guess is, he was still loaded with Adoral, as he fast-walked up the ramp of AF 1, nearly tumbling himself into the ICU ward of Walter Reed. He also stumbled on March 31st.

His exit from Afghanistan was even clumsier. He left only his dignity on the ramp of Air Force One, but in Afghanistan, he left billions of military hardware for the Taliban. The amount (in billions) has been fact-checked by the expert fact-checkers so rest assured it is not 80 billion. It’s more like, small billions. Just a couple of billion, or so.

Snopes covered this. In one of its longer harangues, it detailed what was left. No worries America, most of the weapon systems are useless to the Taliban. In fact, Snopes assures us that all 10 Blackhawk helicopters were disabled.

Then we saw a video of a Blackhawk with someone hanging from it. It was first reported that it was a man ‘hanged’ from the Blackhawk. USA Today did a fact-check and, nope that wasn’t a man being hanged, it was apparently a Taliban dude in a harness trying to get to a position to hang a Taliban flag. Woooow. Gosh, what a relief, it was NOT a man being hanged.  But, wait, I was told by Snopes that all the Blackhawks were disabled so that Blackhawk isn’t really flying – it’s “disabled”?

Last night I saw a video of what looked like just your everyday Taliban dude or Taliban wanna-be picking out an automatic weapon from hundreds of weapons lying on the ground. He had the look of a child about to pick his choice of ice cream.

Whatever the number of billions of dollars of weapons left in Afghanistan the Taliban are giving it away. In fact, the Taliban are tripping over themselves to get into the hands of new thugs who want an automatic weapon. Rest assured, USA Today will fact-check. They have a grant from Facebook to do so.

Welcome to Joe’s Advanced Weapons and Guns Emporium.

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