For the DNC, Andrew Cuomo Is Officially Memory-Holed

Before the DNC elevated Andrew Cuomo to sainthood, there was Michael Avenatti.  The DNC had a  massive crush on Avenatti; so did most of the media. He was the savior, the Trump-slayer. The man who would be president. Michael, the archangel. Then, like Icarus he augered-in.  America learned that Avenatti was a fraud. A skunk. The DNC unpersoned him. He’s been erased. Now, he’s Michael who?

Then came the pandemic and Andrew Cuomo. He was the DNC’s next savior. CNN crushed on him, too. A new phrase was coined. A “Cuomosexual.” Just writing that makes the bile rise in my throat but apparently, the guy who looks like a mafia capo and sounds like a Central Park mugger gave CNN and DNC loyalist the flutters. Andrew “wrote” about leadership and made millions. He was handed an Emmy.

All the while, Cuomo was shipping elderly infected patients back to convalescent homes to infect others — all dying, alone, by the thousands. His brother Fredo hosted him, and they had a good laugh.

The “creepy Andy” stories started to swell. New York’s AD published a blistering report detailing his [alleged] sexual advances on women. The alpha Cuomosexual, resigned, but not before he pardoned five murderers and left his dog.

Now he’s out of the Governor’s mansion and out as the DNC’s next savior. Andy is being erased. Cuomo is officially memory-holed.

Andrew who?