CODE RED: Biden Thunders Past Jimmy Carter as The Worse President, Ever

Sure, William Harrison died just 32 days after the inauguration. He was too stupid to wear a coat. But mishandling of the Shah in particular, and the middle east, in general, pushed Jimmy Carter into the “worst president” spot. Now, Joe Biden is thundering past Jimmy Carter like a runaway train headed over the cliff.


In just seven months, America is experiencing the worst inflation, ever. Biden didn’t just “heat up” the economy, he put a hot iron into everyone’s wallet. Biden converted the southern border from a border, into an express lane of illegal immigrants many of whom have been released into the interior, with COVID, never to be seen again.

His handling of the exit from Afghanistan makes Napoleon’s winter retreat from Moscow look like Grant’s victory at Vicksburg. Biden told America that what just happened in Afghanistan, would never happen. Then, it happened. Biden also told America, that American’s left outside the wire, must find their own way out – and in the same breathe claimed he had a “contingency” for everything. Apparently, President Biden planned on thousands of Americans being left behind.  This isn’t Saigon Part II, it’s worse. The Vietnamese communists eventually started making cheap stuff and exported that “stuff” to America. The only thing the Taliban will export is terrorism.


Biden doesn’t take questions unless he has talking points. He forgets names. He has to have prepared notes in his pocket. He walks like he has to think about where to put his foot. This man is a physical, mental, and policy wreck. His presidency is a mess and it shows, all over his face.



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