CODE RED: Mitch McConnell Has Run America Off A Cliff

Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has led the charge of 19 senator republicans, hell-bent on running off a cliff.

Like a bunch of lemmings, 19 GOPers sided with Democrats and signed onto an infrastructure bill that isn’t about infrastructure it’s a debt and bureaucratic disaster in the making.


Although we are told it will “pay for itself”, it won’t. Repurposed Covid funds are insufficient to fill gaps, and “Covid funds” were funds created out of thin air in any event so claiming it pays for itself with fake money,  is just more mafia-style creative accounting.

Democrats included a whole bunch of “equity” language throwing money at “disadvantaged groups”. The purpose is to create equal results, not equal access.

Apparently, a disadvantaged group is “female truck drivers”.  Weird because the bill also includes an effort to create traffic jams with a thing called  “Traffic Calming”. Traffic Calming would deliberately create traffic congestion in an effort to force people to use public transpiration. So, apparently, we will have a bunch of female truck drivers, on trains while their tractors sit idle? Washington is not meant to make sense.


There is a provision that if taken at face value, will require cryptocurrency users to account for payments and account for use for tax purposes. Go to a coffee shop and tip, you’re supposed to ask for a 1099 form.

It creates even more power, centralized in Washington.

Gird your loins. America is about to experience runaway inflation. When Washington prints and spends money it doesn’t have the result isn’t hard to figure out.

19 Senate Republicans have already, and willingly, jumped off the cliff at the direction of Democrats. America is next.



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