CODE RED: Delta V is Flooding The Southern Border and Biden Is Leaving the Spigot Open

You know the routine. We follow orders, they change the rules, we object and ask for data, and we are the bad guys.

Yesterday President Biden made a pitch for wearing a mask even if you are vaccinated because… reasons. Data? Blah, I don’t need no stinking data. He also suggested that the federal government might have the power to impose a mask mandate. I’m just a humble trial lawyer, but I took Con Law. No, he doesn’t have that authority.


In any event, lost in his clamoring to virtue signal and call the unvaccinated stupid is the uncontrolled surge at the southern border.

It’s not just a surge of humans, it’s a surge of delta-infected humans, and they are being released into the USA.

But unvaccinated Americans –  stupid people. Ok, guy.

I’m vaccinated and stayed at a Holiday Inn once, so I am as authoritative as anyone at the CDC who fails to cite actual evidence why masking children is a good idea when more die from the flu than Covid (it’s one more thing the CDC director lied about two days ago). Or why infected illegal migrants flooding across the border isn’t a major crisis.

I’m sorry – there is no crisis.


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