CODE RED: Depose the King of Hypocrisy Gavin Newsom


King of the Hypocrites, Supreme ruler of the DoubleSpeak, Knight Templar of the Gaslighters, The Prince of French Laundry.

Gavin Newsom.

He’s the Governor of my state of California, and not for long, one hopes. His children attended a camp and were found to be maskless. Good. What is not good is Newsom pulling his children because of a photo showing a happy, maskless child hit the “internets”.  There is little evidence that children, healthy enough to play basketball are at risk and in fact, putting a mask on children has proved to be a denier of oxygen while they are playing an aerobic sport. But Lord Hypocrite is intent on masking everyone regardless of the lack of risk or evidence in support of it. His child made the mistake of camping with commoners.

This subject has been covered and if you want to read specifics read Jennifer Van Laar’s piece regarding the Hypocrite King. He did produce a  “The dog ate my homework” excuse, so all is back in balance in the land of The French Laundry.

For my part, I offer a visual. Burn it into your memory, and if you live in California topple the sire from his steed.

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