CODE RED: Letter Home From Texas DC Campers: Send Toiletries and New Talking Points

Newsletter from Camp:

Texas Campers are on week two of summer vaca at Camp Demycrat. They brought plenty of cases of Corona with them but apparently not enough toiletries, or cash to buy what they need.  They penned a plea home for, stuff. They intend to hold out, by God, but they need stuff, so pack a care package and ship it to Tex at Camp Demycrat.


For “Tex” and his fellow campers, the experience has been pretty much a disaster. Sure, they met with group counselor Kammy but since that pep-talk, where they learned cool stuff like how to Cackle and some camp songs, they’ve been adrift. Joe, the head counselor was too busy to meet the Texas campers and they weren’t happy about it.

The rain of reality has canceled most events. Campers are quarantined or sick. Don’t cry for them. They will soldier on. Rest easy, a gold participation star sticker will adorn each camper as they head home, short of toiletries. Maybe they will also get a T-shirt that says:

“I went to DC to save the Republic, and all I got was a case of Corona”


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