CODE RED COMICS: The Face of the Democrat Party

Last night Joe Biden stumbled and mumbled through another attempt at political theater. Several answers were technically English but made no more sense than the Muppets’ Swedish chef.


The President is an addled old man. Anyone not in a coma knows it. Any sighted person can see him searching the caverns of his melon for words.

Did you know Nancy Pelosi is older than Biden? Yup. She’s losing it too. She told the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs that she was worried Trump would nuke something. She’s frequently stood at a lectern and said things that are unadulterated nonsense. Gibberish.

With Chuck Schumer running the Senate and President Mumbles willing to sign anything placed in front of him, Pelosi can, and has, introduced dangerous legislation like the “Protecting The Right to Organize” Act. The right to organize is already protected, but Pelosi wants to destroy the right not to organize. I’ve always found it appalling when politicians label legislation as something that has the opposite meaning to the actual text. Like the German Democratic Republic was the communist East Germany. She and union thugs have tried to sneak the ProAct into every bill sent to the Senate this session. It’s an offering to union thugs who want to make unionization almost mandatory and pretty much outlaw freelancing. It will ruin the livelihoods of millions of independent contractors and it’s being discussed today.


She wants to wrest control of elections from the states, and federalize all elections.

Pelosi has authorized a January 6th commission that she claims is to “fact find.” The real purpose is to create a political document to be used as a club against Republicans. The commission will be completely populated with Democrats. Yes I know, Liz Cheney is part of the cabal.

Sure Biden is the chief executive and might forget what day it is, but Nancy Pelosi is the power behind the throne and she’s an awful person. Pelosi has a dark and ugly heart that 30 facelifts cannot hide.


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