CODE RED COMICS: Are Aliens Among Us?

Are Aliens amongst us?

The US Military has tracked UFOs for years and denied it. Pilots who have reported seeing them are reluctant, even now, to admit to it. The 9-page report was released by ODNI and warns that UFOs pose a potential flight traffic hazard and/or a national security threat. The report specifically mentions Russia and China as possible sources of unexplained advanced technology. I don’t think so.


Russia and China are very good at one thing. Theft. Both nations developed technology, dependent on what they could steal from us or others. It’s not them.

What video/photos I have seen are Bigfoot grainy and look more like lids to garbage cans than advanced technology.

A month ago I was sitting in my Jacuzzi and watched a light zip quickly across the sky and abruptly change direction. When two planes came close it disappeared. I told my wife. She looked at me like I had bugs crawling out of my eyes. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was a kid’s drone too high in the sky to hear. Maybe it was aliens. Maybe it was the beer.

Based on the erratic movement of the potentially “advanced technology” UFOs, the earth might be designated as a “safe place” for alien Driver’s Ed. Why not? Maybe it’s as simple as junior driving too fast and alien dad yelling to slow down. It’s as good an explanation as the DNI report.


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