CODE RED COMICS: Hammer & Sickle for the 21st Century

Cool Kicks, Bro!

That kid with his face in his iPhone and Nike gear on his frame and feet might be, vaguely, aware that his gear came via slave labor but does he care? Likely not. A disturbing number of Americans are frankly idiots.  More Americans can correctly identify Michael Jackson as the “Beat It” composer than could point to the Bill of Rights as the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution. Who’s Michael Jackson? Oh, I know! Andrew Jackson? Who?

The collaborators with communist forced labor, like Apple and Coca-Cola, lobbied Congress to water down a bill designed to stop imports of products produced with slave labor. “Hold on!” was the cry from the collaborators. If Congress did that — havoc would reign. Cats and Dogs living together. Mass hysteria! The supply chain would be broken!

Oh sure, slavery in communist China is bad, but can you slow walk that, Congress? “Instead of Uighurs, how about we use 12-year-olds? We have gear to make and consumers to supply.”

This year, communists in China are celebrating 100 years of existing. ABC tweeted “PARTY TIME,” showing a video of communists celebrating 100 years of communism. ABC slobbering over Chinese communists? Why not? It’s owned by Mickey Mouse. Disney, the parent company of ABC filmed Mulan in Xinjiang, home to Uighur camps. The film ends and credits a bunch of communist party members.

Coca-Cola, Apple, Nike, Disney – they are interested in principles when those principles don’t disrupt the supply chain. Multinational companies are fine with chained labor if the supply chain remains unbroken.


Cool Kicks, Bro!