Kamala Harris had a good week. No, really. Any week President Biden is the focus, the spotlight is off of her. Translation: good week.

Kamala Harris is a mess. If she doesn’t have pre-packaged-prepared-by-staff-answers, she defaults into whack-a-mole responses, followed by the “Kammy Cackle.” Unless it’s not a question, rather a statement of fact.


Her interview with Lester Holt about the border crisis was a mostly gentle sit-down with a friendly journalist, yet she didn’t anticipate this question:

“When are you going to the border?”

Harris: “We’ve been to the border, we’re been to the border, we’ve been to the border.”

Holt: “YOU haven’t been to the border.” Statement of fact.

Ruh roh…Holt didn’t ask a question; he made a statement of fact. Harris was a deer in the headlights. Eyebrows arched almost to the back of her head. All she had to do was answer: “I’m going soon.” Instead, she went off-script with her nasally whine “and I haven’t been to Europe, either (followed by a mini-Kammy Cackle). I mean, I mean, I don’t understand the point you’re making”.

Imagine staff watching Harris derail, with hands going up to their mouths, uttering a collective and quiet, “Oh god…”.

Book dinner at Olive Garden for a taste ‘o Europe. At “the Garden,” Harris can close her eyes, take in the buttery scent of delicious, authentic Italian bread sticks, and say “I can smell Tuscany from here.”


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