Crazy New Trump Apocalypse Novel Reveals the Depths of Leftist Paranoia and Self Delusion

Now that talk radio has largely morphed into boring state run media, I’ve been listening to more music, non-political podcasts, and a lot of audio books while driving. Browsing through for my next selection I stumbled across something that might possibly be the worst politically motivated schlock ever published.


It’s called America 2034: Utopia Rising by someone named Jonathan Greenberg, whose background is in…wait for it…journalism! What a surprise.

The book is categorized und Science Fiction and Fantasy presumably because there is no specific category for preening leftist moral superiority masquerading as popular fiction.

No, I haven’t read it.

So you may be asking, “How can you trash a book you haven’t read?”

Believe me, the synopsis alone is enough to make a judgement. No writer, living or dead, could breath enough life into the characters, enough suspense into the plot, or enough style into the prose to take this premise and turn it into anything but garbage.

If you squeezed the thoughts from the the ten most Trump-deranged paranoiacs in pussy hats, filtered them through the rat’s maze of Maxine Waters’ brain and workshopped the results with the staff writers at Media Matters, you might possibly conceive a story with more literary value than that of  America 2034: Utopia Rising.

People who have expressed their belief that, “OMG we are, like, literally living in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale,” may think the concept of this book is a little too contrived.

From the page:

The year is 2034. Protected by a massive force field, the United Peoples of America, a new nation of 100 million awakened citizens of California, Oregon, and Washington, are implementing the Great Expansion to transform the nightmarish dystopia of Donald Jesus Trump’s fifth term as president for life.

In this futurist satire, an inspiring sequel to George Orwell’s 1984, a terrified Winston Smith works at Patriot News, the only media organization remaining in Trump’s renamed United Enterprises of America. Two-thirds of the population have been enslaved in deadly debtor labor camps owned by the nation’s oligarchs, while Trump has become the world’s first trillionaire.

With the human species on the verge of extinction from ecological devastation, the leaders of the most evolved utopia in history must overcome the dark hatred of Trump’s America by activating the oneness gene that lies dormant within us all.


This sounds like Left Behind (also garbage, by the way) for effete secular humanists. (Seriously though, when are these nuts going to realize that 1984 is a polemic against the collectivist ideals they espouse?)

If America 2035 was written to make fun of under-medicated left wingers’ detachment from reality, it could be brilliant. For a second I thought that’s what it might be but the initial Amazon reviews seem to suggest otherwise. They have subject lines like “Much needed light, wisdom, and inspiration…” and “possibly the most provocative and timely book of the 21st century.”

It takes a lot of courage in this age of intimidation of the media by right wing ideologues and the White House to name names in a satire about our future. Mr. Greenberg pulls no punches in his cautionary tale. The book should be required reading for young voters and apolitical folk of all ages who somehow still believe that Trump’s lunacy will not affect them or our world.

Anyone who thinks it takes courage to make fun of Republicans today (by name or otherwise) is either an abject coward or delusional. Probably both.

…this book has all the elements of a well-crafted contemporary vision for a harmonious future, and as such is a valuable contribution to the field of utopia literature. America 2034: Utopia Rising story touches the places we all want to believe are already in each of us. It is an excellent tale of how spiritual insight and spiritual communication abilities can awaken Human Divineness to vanquish Human Evil.


Something tells me that reviewer spends an inordinate amount of time selling essential oils and healing crystals to former high school classmates on Facebook.

Several years ago, RedState alum Ben Howe incurred the wrath of what eventually became the MAGA crowd for accurately panning a Tea Party Patriots produced short film. The wave of butthurt was an early hint at the tribalism to come, the tribalism that demands praise for anything flying the banner of conservatism even if it’s trash.

I hope the left is following the same pattern because books and film that place message above story are just bad art. If that is where the left-wing pop culture is going, the following reviewer may be in for a bad time for questioning the tribe’s collective wisdom.

I was hoping for a scathing satire about Trump and instead got Trump vs. the hippy dippy one geners. This is the kind of politically correct thinking that got that monster in power in the first place. I don’t know which I hate more, Donald J Trump or this book.

I welcome leftists producing bad art because it presents an opportunity for creatives on the right to have more influence on the culture through good storytelling. We just need to learn not to drop messages on people’s heads like giant cartoon anvils.

I wonder when Sean Penn is going to release the film version of America 2034.


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