Latest Crackpot Theory Shows Russian Trutherism Is Surpassing Birtherism on the Crazypants Scale

It goes without saying that I’m not a fan of Trump, but even I couldn’t let this ludicrous bit of Russian trutherism go without saying something about it. This is how far some true-believers will go to argue that Trump is a Russian operative.


Donald Trump Bizarre Grocery Store ID Remark Smacks of Russian Influence

Really? That is a stretch of Reed Richards proportions. I think it smacks more of a blogger writing under the influence of too much Russian vodka.

Donald Trump’s habit of going off script during his campaign rallies often leads to bizarre statements, but few have been as puzzling as his pronouncement at a Tampa, Fla., rally this week that Americans need an identification card to purchase groceries.

Trump was trying to make the case for voter identification cards, but his remark about grocery stores went viral because of its strangeness. Nowhere in the United States do you need an id card to buy groceries.

Unless of course you shop for groceries at Costco or Sam’s Club.

If Trump ever actually bought his own groceries, it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been for many decades. It is quite possible that the last time Trump was grocery shopping it was at a time when stores were issuing photo IDs to customers who wanted to pay for their orders with a check. Going through some of father’s things after he passed away in December I actually came across his old photo ID from one of our local grocery stores. It happened.

I can’t say for sure that’s what Trump is referring to but it makes a hell of a lot more sense than it being Russian influence. Occam’s Razor has grown quite dull lately.

So why did he go there?

Because he rambles and shoots from the hip without thinking too much about what he’s actually saying?


No that can’t be it. It must be that Trump is so deeply involved with Russia that details about how the average Russian went about shopping for food in the Soviet Union routinely bleeds into his off the cuff rhetoric about Voter ID laws.

If you believe that, you are a bigger idiot than the swastika sniffing clowns accusing me of being an anti-white racist. Or at least as big an idiot.

This Keith Girard person apparently falls into that category.

But there was a place where IDs were once required to buy groceries– the Soviet Union, better known today as Russia.


In a stunning photo that is going viral, former Soviet resident Irina Anderson produced a copy of her grocery ID from “my Soviet life” back in the 1990s. The Soviet Union collapsed and became the Russian Federation in 1991.


“Ok folks,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “This is my actual ‘shopper’ ID from my Soviet Life (1990). By presenting it, I was given monthly allotment of grains, sugar, flour, vodka etc. No ID – no groceries.

“Now you know where trump gets his ideas…” she wrote.

The coincidence is chilling. It strongly suggests that Trump is getting his talking points from a Russian source, who might think grocery IDs are any everyday occurrence in other countries.


What’s chilling is how utterly stupid the political debate has gotten. We live in an age when you can’t do decent parody because reality is so bizarre.

I still think Trump is a lot like Obama in that a cult of personality has formed around him made up mostly of people who were desperate for someone in politics who says things that make them feel good. There’s no other explanation for why grown adults are screaming for Trump like teenaged girls seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and have zero tolerance for even the slightest criticism of the President.


Also like Obama, Trump has detractors who will believe absolutely anything if they think it discredits him or disqualifies him for office. Obama had the birthers (Trump being a chief example of that sort of craziness) and those who thought he was a secret muslim “Manchurian” candidate.

Trump’s enemies don’t see a secret  muslim but rather a secret Soviet apparatchik, which is funny because many of the same left wing clowns were more sympathetic to the USSR than they were to Ronald Reagan during the Cold War and are now gushing over openly socialist candidates.

It’s just more evidence that politics is no longer about ideas but rather about teams and celebrity heroes and villains. It’s like professional wrestling except the winners get to take your money and tell you what to do.


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