The Alt-Right Is Dumber Than a Sack of Swastikas

The last couple of days I have been blessed with becoming a political football for a bunch of alt-right idiots. It’s been interesting in a morbid sort of way, and somewhat humorous, at least until I remembered that the extraordinary stupidity on display is being exhibited by adults with the right to vote.


Some of you may have watched some of it play out on Twitter. It’s difficult to describe just how bizarre  it is to have the official account for an entire social media platform attempt to drive a wedge between me and the site for which I wrote.

It’s even more bizarre given that they used an eight year old tweet of mine which is obviously sarcasm and attempted to spin it as hate speech

But the absolute bizarre cherry on top of the whole absurd sundae is that the social media platform in question is, whose business model appears to mainly involve providing an online platform where neo-nazis, white nationalists, and other cretins can exchange conspiracy theories after getting banned from Twitter for tweeting Holocaust jokes to Jewish news reporters.

When I first saw this old tweet percolate up from the bowels of Obama’s first term, even I couldn’t remember the exact context and had to look it up. I knew it was mocking the words of someone in the news but I couldn’t remember who until I used Google. It was “King Samir Shabazz” of the New Black Panthers. He was one of the clowns busted for voter intimidation in Philadelphia only to be cleared by Eric Holder.


As a middle aged white guy, Shabazz and I clearly have a lot in common. (By the way, for you Gab goons, that was also sarcasm.) But we now live in a world of lowest common denominator politics where declaring something hate speech only requires analysis as sketchy as something conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Naturally my @ mentions became cluttered with the ridiculous tweets from people who still think riffing on “deplorable” is clever and original.

Eight years ago, I posted a tweet about hating white people even though I am white people.

Faced with that fact you can choose one of two conclusions.

You can decide to believe that means despite being a long time tea party activist and conservative blogger with a known penchant for sarcasm, I am secretly an anti-white racist in league with the radical black power movement.

Or you can decide not to be an idiot.

The Gab goons have chosen poorly.


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