Planned Parenthood Campaign Spending Exposes a Number of Democrat Lies

Democrats often argue that revoking federal funding for America’s largest abortion provider will remove women’s “access” to healthcare. However, while Democrats fight to protect Planned Parenthood’s funding, the group somehow manages to raise enough money to drop $1.5 million on a single gubernatorial election.


$1.5 million would buy a lot of mammograms (if Planned Parenthood actually performed that service like they often say they do). The abortionists think that money is better spent on reelecting Pennsylvania’s pro-abortion governor Tom Wolf. The Philadelphia Inquirer is doing their part as well by parroting the spin about Planned Parenthood being a “health care provider.”

Planned Parenthood is planning to spend $1.5 million to reelect Gov. Wolf  in November, calling him a bulwark against GOP-led attempts in Harrisburg to restrict abortion rights.

 The health-care provider and abortion rights advocacy group says this is its biggest investment ever in a Pennsylvania midterm election.

“Tom Wolf’s reelection will decide whether or not our patients have access to health care,” Sari Stevens, executive director of Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania’s political arm, said in an interview Thursday. “He’s the last line of defense.”

Abortion is not health care, no matter how many times that nonsense gets repeated and no matter how many people hide their head in the sand to avoid seeing it for what it really is.

Stevens said Planned Parenthood would focus its efforts in Philadelphia’s collar counties, seeking to tap enthusiasm among voters, especially women, opposed to President Trump.

The group says its polling shows most voters in the Philadelphia suburbs have a favorable opinion of Planned Parenthood.

That “told us we had an incredibly unique role to play,” Stevens said.

Reelecting Wolf is the organization’s top priority, Stevens said, but it is also likely to commit resources to competitive legislative races.


So, while Democrats are crying crocodile tears and rending their garments about illegal immigrants being separated from their children, they’re fighting tooth and nail to keep killing children in America. It’s a common tactic among these gutter dwellers to argue that pro-lifers only care about children while their in the womb if they don’t think the taxpayers should feed, clothe, and house every child. It’s an illogical claim but it provides a ammunition for abortion advocates to use instead of having to put together a cogent argument.

If we concede just for the sake of argument that their reasoning has merit, the logical end is  that pro-abortion people only care about human life once it’s outside the womb. By saying pro-lifers care about one and not the other they are conceding that they also only care about one and not the other. If this is what they intended then the debate should be about why one phase of life is more worthy of protection than the other. No Democrat who hopes to get elected would dare join that debate and none of their media accomplices would ever ask questions in that vein.

Planned Parenthood PAC’s deep pockets exposes the lie that cutting federal subsidies to their sister group would significantly curtail their baby killing. There seems to be plenty of cash available from pro-abortion donors. They don’t need your tax dollars.

The continual use of “health care provider” as a description for the abortion industry clearly puts the lie to Democrat promises that the Affordable Healthcare Act was the solution to all of our healthcare needs. Since abortion is not healthcare (healthcare by definition does not intentionally kill patients) the meager amount of legitimate health care services Planned Parenthood may provide hardly seem worth pumping such big money into politics.


Finally, and most obviously, the willingness to spend millions of dollars in a single race in one state for the sole purpose of being able to continue the practice of killing babies in the womb exposes Democrats’ swooning over the plight of children crossing the border as mere  theater. They are morally bankrupt and care only about retaining and increasing their political power.  They care about those children at the border only in so far as they can be used as a political weapon against the president they hate.



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