VIDEO: Filmmaker Seeks to Upend California's Unfair Primary System With Epic Write In Campaign Ad

California’s primary election system is billed as “non-partisan” but it is anything but. By having all the candidates run in an “blanket primary” with the top two candidates heading to the general election, it makes it highly likely that statewide elections end up being races between two Democrats.


Filmmaker Leigh Scott wants to turn that system on its ear by crashing the party with a write in campaign.

As a filmmaker he naturally had the resources to put out a slick, entertaining campaign ad that may well go viral.

In a style reminiscent of a Mission Impossible trailer, the ad states that Scott’s mission is to defeat the incumbent (Dianne Feinstein) “who has been in office longer than Mylie Cyrus has existed.”

“Impossible” may be the operative word here since as the computer generated voice in the video states, “All previous attempts to liberate California have failed.

The ad dropped only a couple of days ahead of the primary to rob the left wing media time to use fake news against Mr. Scott.

I know Leigh Scott is a big Trump supporter. I think he’s a good dude even though I don’t share his warm feelings for the President. He’d definitely get my vote if I were a California resident. Living in Maryland, I too know the pain of living under one party rule. (See? Trump critics aren’t all knee-jerk reactionaries against everything Trump, as some pompous blowhards and squishy flip-floppers would have you believe judging from their hackneyed columns filled and over recycled jokes.)


Is this for real though? Can a guerrilla write in campaign dislodge Feinstein from her seat which she occupies like a barnacle and defeat the “criminal organization” that has “seized control of California?”

Watch the ad to find out.





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