Now There Is Yet Another Disgusting Reason to Avoid Air Travel

Air travel has been getting a lot of bad press in recent years. Whether it is airplane crews roughing up passengers or killing pets, or flights diverted because of passengers’ gross bodily functions there have been a lot of things in the news that can make you want to avoid flying. And even the most uneventful flight still involves being sealed in an aluminum with a mob of people and all their associated bacteria and filth. In Kansas City, you might get exposed to something disgusting before you even get on a plane: bed bugs.


Yes. Bed bugs.

Bed bugs have been found in a sitting area at the Kansas City International Airport in Missouri.

The Kansas City Star reports that the discovery was made Thursday inside Terminal B. Airport spokesman Kathleen Hefner says the infestation was on an upholstered chair in an area near several restaurants.

Hefner says the mezzanine area of the terminal was closed temporarily to clean for the bugs. She says no food prep areas were contaminated.

The affected area was reopened early Friday after receiving treatment.

It’s already bad enough that you’re scarfing down a $24 turkey sandwich and an $12 beer, but you may be doing it on furniture infested with vermin.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

The unwelcome guests could have come from anywhere or could have gone to anywhere before being dispatched by exterminators. They might be in your carry-on bag right now. Probably not but it makes you itchy to think about it, doesn’t it?


The rule of thumb for dealing with things like this is simple. If at all possible stay home.


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