The Trump Tribe's Reaction to Ralph Peters' Fox News Departure Was So Predictable

Few things are as predictable as the political tribalism of the Trump era. When Col. Ralph Peters lit up Fox News for being a propaganda outlet in his very public departure from his contract with the channel, you could see it coming.


Mention Mike Cernovich to most people outside of the alt-right, new-right, or whatever the white nationalists and conspiracy mongers are calling themselves these days and the reaction you’ll get would more than likely be, “Who?” or possibly “Oh, that pizza-gate guy?”

Like him or not but Peters is a very well known military man, prolific author of both fiction and non-fiction as well as commentary in major newspapers and magazines.  Peters had been on Fox News for years receiving accolades from the right for bluntly commenting on islamic radicalism and railing against the Obama administration. Trump toadies are operating their very own Ministry of Truth.

Oceania the Trump Tribe have always been at war with Eurasia thought Ralph Peters was a cuck.


That’s certainly not unique to Republicans but Team Trump has raised it to an artform. Who wants to be loyal to someone who will undoubtedly stab you in the back the second you voice a dissenting opinion?

Here’s a guy who apparently decides what is propaganda based solely on whether he agrees with it.

Yer either with us or a’gin us!

Speaking of predictable…someone with “deplorable” in the handle posting a pro Fox News/anti-Peters meme?  That’s like death and taxes.


From the “two politically opposed networks can’t possibly both be propaganda factories” pile:

The “us versus them” crowd who can’t fathom any opinion that doesn’t intellectually fellate Trump are driving away good people for not marching in lock step with them. Beware of people who tell you that they were “always” right about anyone who departs from their monolithic political movement. Also beware anyone who unconditionally defends propagandists of any stripe.


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