Ridiculous: GOP Senate Candidate Earns 30 Day Facebook Ban for THIS?

Come on, Facebook.  This is just nuts.

Erstwhile Libertarian Austin Petersen is now a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Missouri seeking to unseat Claire McCaskill. Facebook seems to be intent on preventing that from happening.


That hand drawn AR-15 looks like a cartoon anteater but I guess that’s still pretty intimidating to the social media overlords.

Well, that’s an interesting sidenote.


I have mixed feelings. I think this is completely ridiculous behavior on the part of Facebook. It’s not much different than a school expelling a kid for making a finger gun. The difference though is that Facebook is in the private sector. They’re free to make decisions about how people are allowed to use their platform, even if their decisions are stupid. Given how intertwined the social media site has become in our culture though, it certainly gives the loony left an unfair advantage when team Zuckerberg is picking winners and losers.


The ideal outcome here is for Facebook to eschew zero tolerance policies which will always result in silliness. Gun raffles are a common and legal part of American life. The gun grabbers at Facebook should just accept that. If you don’t like gun raffles, don’t buy a ticket.


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