VIDEO: DC Man Goes Medieval on Speed Camera, Becomes Folk Hero

There’s something incredibly cathartic about watching this short clip of surveillance video. Who hasn’t fantasized about destroying a speed camera? The video has gone viral for obvious reasons. This guy is Robin Hood. Or maybe John Connor.


In the Washington, DC area, ubiquitous automated speed cameras have become a point of political contention over the years. One might find them acceptable in certain cases to address specific problems like speeding in a school zone or in a residential neighborhood but DC, Maryland, and Virginia have allowed these cameras to pop up everywhere.

What’s most troubling, apart from the smothering nanny-state aspect of these automated stool pigeons, is that they are typically owned and operated by private companies who take a cut of whatever fines are levied on unsuspecting drivers. Is it about road safety or about generating revenue for municipalities and government cronies?


We salute you, destroyer of speed cameras.


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