Garbage Blogger Jim Hoft Gets Booted from CPAC Panel, Blames Chelsea Clinton

Garbage Blogger Jim Hoft Gets Booted from CPAC Panel, Blames Chelsea Clinton

It wouldn’t be CPAC without a good dose of ridiculous drama, am I right?

The latest casualty is former blogger turned Trump campaign propagandist, Jim Hoft, founder of garbage website The Gateway Pundit. Hoft was supposed to appear as part of a panel organized by firebrand Pam Geller discussing free speech and social media censorship.

If CPAC slurred Trump supporters one wonders why President Trump and V.P. Mike Pence are both scheduled to appear along with several members of Trump’s administration. Other media figures speaking include Trump apple polishers like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham. The grand poobah of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp is a loyal Trump surrogate. This is hardly an unfriendly venue for Trump supporters. Hoft and his minions are clearly delusional.

Apparently the CPAC brass told Geller that Hoft was no longer welcome after posting conspiracy theories involving the survivors of the Parkland school shooting. Geller reportedly refused to give Hoft the boot, choosing to cancel the panel altogether.

Last night CPAC had to disown Dinesh D’Souza for mocking the students on Twitter, and D’Souza wasn’t even scheduled to appear at CPAC 2018. Obviously, the event planners couldn’t allow Hoft to participate after that. (One has to question the wisdom of approving his appearance in the first place though.)

Hoft accused CPAC of being controlled by Chelsea Clinton.

While Hoft’s Twitter followers are blaming an imaginary #NeverTrump cabal they believe is running CPAC, others are blaming Geller for “sabotaging” the panel.

The problem here is that “bloggers” like Hoft and those who consume their sensationalist fake news think that fighting political correctness means being a humongous jerk. Then when somebody inevitably decides they don’t want to have a humongous jerk at their event, they pretend to be a martyr for free speech.

Things have gotten so bad lately that even conspiracy site InfoWars called out Hoft for spreading fake news about the Parkland shooting.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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