WHOA: CPAC Totally Disowns Former Featured Speaker Dinesh D'Souza

Wow. CPAC dropped the hammer on one of their formerly favorite speakers. They threw Dinesh D’Souza so far under the bus that he’s now probably tasting transmission fluid.


Whatever credibility Dinesh D’Souza once had has fallen victim to a debilitating case of Trumpism recently. Trumpism often results in a loss of tact mirroring the demeanor of patient zero, Trump himself.

Today D’Souza tweeted about the Florida legislature voting down a “assault weapon” ban and in doing so he inexplicably chose to mock the students who survived the mass shooting and who were in Talahassee to support the legislation. It was ugly. And as Susan pointed out, he was roundly and rightly condemned by just about everyone.

Yes, they were there because the Democrats were using them as props, but they’re also children who have just suffered a traumatic event. The Democrats using them is terrible. That doesn’t excuse spiking the ball in their faces.


D’Souza’s asinine remarks were brought to the attention of the American Conservative Union via Twitter.


It turns out that D’Souza isn’t a speaker at CPAC 2018 though and the ACU was quick to point it out and condemn his behavior.

Whoa. He even got stripped from the web archives.

Doesn’t look like Dinesh is going to be headlining at CPAC again any time soon.


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