Fauxcahontas Campaign Raises Heap Big Wampum, What Does It Mean for 2020?


Senator Elizabeth Warren has become one of the primary Democrat attack dogs against President Trump and if her campaign coffers are any indication, donors on the left are encouraged by it.

The senator, who is widely considered a potential 2020 Democratic candidate, reportedly has $12.8 million in campaign cash, beating out other incumbent senators at this time in the election cycle, according to the report.

The report comes as Warren prepares to run for a second term in the Senate, however speculation has swirled that the vocal Trump critic will mount a 2020 presidential bid.

Her warchest is almost certainly being filled with the help of rich Hollywood elites and others who probably only set foot in the state of Massachusetts to occasionally summer on Martha’s Vineyard. The country’s far left probably would have preferred her to both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in 2016.

With the party corruptocrats having conspired against the interloper Sanders in favor of the Clinton machine, Warren seems like the obvious choice for those pretending to want real change in the Democratic Party. Warren is every bit the extreme leftist that Bernie Sanders is with the added benefit of having the same genitalia as Hillary Clinton. In this era of Trump Dereangement Syndrome among the #Resist lunatics as well as the avalanche of sexual harassment and abuse revelations, a female lefty could do well in 2020.


I’m not into making predictions. It has become too hard to mine reliable information from the dueling cheerleading squads we call “the media” these days. That said, if Trump’s support remains limited to only his base, Warren could potentially mount a serious challenge.

Unless real economic results from Trump’s policies can surpass the margin of spin, he’ll be vulnerable in 2020. Trump and the GOP will obviously exagerrate the benefits of any signed legislation while Democrats will blame it for every ill. If the effects are not felt first hand by enough voters, the election will just be a battle of competing marketing campaigns. Cheap shots about her fabricated heritage (like those in my headline) more than likely won’t be enough to beat her.

For now, Warren is focused on regaining her Senate seat in 2018.

In doing so, she’s still taking aim at Donald Trump though.


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