Vermont Parents Subject Children to 'Drag Queen Story Hour' Cultural Indoctrination

The systematic indoctrination of children into the politically correct pseudo-science of gender fluidity is happening right on schedule. “Drag Queen Story Time” has been a thing over in the UK for some time and it’s expanding in the United States as well.


The latest eruption of this nonsense was in Burlington, Vermont. I suppose it should be no surprise that many parents living in a state that sends a delusional old dotard like Bernie Sanders to the U.S. Senate would embrace the idea of creepy transvestites brainwashing their kids.

Vermont drag queens Nikki Champagne and Emoji Nightmare led the reading session in front of an overflow crowd of well over 100 children and parents Saturday in the children’s room at Fletcher Free Library in Burlington. Drag Queen Story Hour is part of a national movement that began in San Francisco and sets out to capture “the imagination and play of the gender fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models,” according to the Drag Queen Story Hour website.

I thought “Emoji Nightmare” was just something that referred to Chelsea Manning’s Twitter feed.

“I loved it, it was pretty funny,” Aya Yousey-Hindes, 7, of Colchester, said after Drag Queen Story Hour was over. She said she especially enjoyed the fun voices Champagne and Nightmare used.

Aya’s mother, Kim Yousey-Hines, said Drag Queen Story Hour demonstrates that drag queens are not only for adults. “Kids should know that grownups can dress any way they want and be anyone they want to be,” Yousey-Hines said.

Kids should also know that men who dress up like garish cartoon prostitutes probably aren’t going to succeed in many job interviews unless the job is garish cartoon prostitute.


Being anyone you want to be is a nice sentiment when who you want to be is “a nice person” or “a law abiding citizen” or “a hard worker.” It breaks down when taken to absurdity. Wanting to be an NBA superstar is not a guarantee that you ever will be. A white man simply can’t be a Filippino woman no matter how much he wants to be one.

These storytime events are nothing more than a selfish long-term strategy by weird and abnormal people to be accepted as typical and normal with no consideration for what is best for the children they’re using.

Nightmare noted that the young children at Drag Queen Story Hour events don’t see them as drag queens or of a particular gender, but are merely being entertained by stories. Adults might arrive at such an event with preconceived notions, according to Nightmare, who added that Drag Queen Story Hour ideally reaches children at an early-enough age “so those biases don’t develop.”

In other words: indoctrinate early and often.


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