VIDEO: Fans Embrace the Dark Side when Sound Cuts Out During 'The Last Jedi'

One of the drawbacks to being a hardcore fan of anything is that small inconveniences can easily morph into huge disappointments or moments of outrage. That’s what happened in a Burbank theater when a showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi suffered audio problems. Theater management wasn’t adequately responsive. Fans went nuts.

According to Twitter user, Isaias Rodriguez, theater management attempted to appease the angry fans by either moving them to another screening at the same theater — albeit not in the IMAX format — or to attend a screening of the much-anticipated film at another AMC theatre Friday. However, a representative for IMAX confirmed the incident did not take place at an IMAX showing of the film.

Despite these options, many fans were not satisfied.

Grown man dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi attempts to force choke a minimum wage theater employee.

I’m guessing that this wouldn’t have happened if the sound cut out during, say, the Ghostbusters feminist reboot.