PANIC: Overturning Net Neutrality Causes Epic Meme Tantrum on Image Sharing Site

The panic and vitriol has been building with the prospect of overturning net neutrality rules that have only been in existence for two years.

For many, the Internet of 2015 was a terrifying place where only the richest and most powerful could share their cat videos while the rest of humanity had to entertain themselves by spelling naughty words with pocket calculators.

Advertisement is an image sharing site that is usually fun to visit… just not when people have been whipped into a frenzy over imagined dangers. Here’s a taste of the hysteria that fills the front page right now.

The top post is from Imgur management who has helped fan the flames.

The fight is not over

Today the FCC voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality. It’s been a long battle to get here, but we’re not giving up the fight.

Over the past years, the Imgur community has displayed incredible activism in support of a free and open internet. You’ve created content and upvoted to spread awareness, you’ve written to your representative, and you’ve left your comments with the FCC. In fact, Imgur was among the top 10 sites worldwide to drive comments to the FCC. That’s no small feat, and we’re proud of you.

Imgur believes that everyone, no matter who they are, what ISP they use, or how much money they make, deserves the chance to benefit from a free and open internet.

Save the Date

As much as I loved the show Mythbusters, Adam Savage looks like an idiot with this overwrought hyperbole.


We can still fight it

We need every state to join and overturn this insanity! Im proud to be a New Yorker today. We won’t let this happen without a fight!


(NSFW) Indian Man F*cks Entire Internet

Crass and a little racist. Nice.

Revenge on Ajit Pai

Less crass and racist but equally lame.


In light of recent events…

That’s a thoughtful response.


It’s hard not to laugh at the complete lack of self-awareness here. A pompous intellectual who hails from DC where every other building houses some unelected bureaucracy making “society-altering decisions” but suddenly it’s a concern.

One post lists names of Congressman and “how much they were paid” to vote the way they voted. One can be charitable and assume the poster may have still been in diapers during the “Cornhusker Kickback” and the like.

This is merely a symptom, not the problem

This person thinks he/she is being profound but doesn’t recognize that we live in a Republic and assumes the public overwhelmingly cares about keeping net neutrality. The public they know is probably limited to like-minded social media groups and sites like Imgur or Reddit that represent only a tiny fraction of the actual public.

These people all need to calm down and watch what happens without net neutrality. Or more importantly, what doesn’t happen.


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