Matt Who? NBC Purging All Evidence of Lauer's Existence


The bigwigs at the Ministry of Truth NBC are busy purging Matt Lauer from the public’s memory. The disgraced news anchor’s image is being stricken from all of the network’s online media.

Prior to deactivating his social media profiles, NBC quickly removed all photos of Lauer off the “Today” show’s social channels following his firing.

On Wednesday morning, “Today’s” website, Facebook page, and Twitter account were scrubbed of Lauer’s name and picture.

Banners on Facebook and Twitter now adorn a collage of photos featuring prominent NBC fixtures Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Kathy Lee Gifford, Carson Daly, and Megyn Kelly, while’s header removed cutouts of co-hosts Guthrie and Lauer, leaving only a blurred shot of the studio.

Lauer also is actively trying to fade into the woodwork, deleting his personal social media accounts. He may have to limit his sexting partners to just the white supremacists on Gab.

To whom do you think NBC will give the office with the remote locking door? I mean after the pressure washing and disinfecting.


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