Judge Denied Restraining Order Against Gunman Who Shot Five People in Maryland Today

Earlier today we posted about police hunting for a gunman who shot five employees at a business near Baltimore, Maryland. Now it’s being reported  that the shooter has been apprehended by ATF agents in Delaware. Police believe he is responsible for another shooting in Delaware.


The suspect was identified by Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler as 37-year-old Radee Labeeb Prince.

“We have lost three lives so far this morning in Harford County,” Gahler said at a news conference, adding it was not a random shooting but a “targeted attack.”

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office said the shooting took place at the Emmorton Business Park in Edgewood, located about 20 miles northeast of Baltimore. Shots rang out around 8:58 a.m., according to Gahler.

All five of the victims are believed to have been employees of Advance Granite Solutions, according to Gahler. Prince is believed to have used a single hand gun in the shooting, he added.

Prince’s exact motive for the shooting at Advanced Granite Solutions is not yet known but after being fired from a previous job, the employer felt threatened and applied for a restraining order which was denied by a county judge.


Gahler said Prince worked at Advanced Granite Solutions, a home improvement company, for about four months and was scheduled to be at work Wednesday. The owner of the company, Barak Caba, told The Associated Press he was a machine operator, but was shaken and would not provide additional details.

A former co-worker of Prince’s told The Baltimore Sun that the suspect was also fired from a different job earlier this year after he allegedly attacked a separate employee.

After Prince was fired, the man said Prince came back to the business several times and once went to see him directly and cursed and yelled at him. The co-worker later filed a restraining order against Prince with the Harford County District Court.

In the application for the order, the man wrote: “I felt very threatened because he is a big guy and very aggressive on me.”

The man said Prince did not get physical with him, but wrote: “I do not want to wait until he will.”

A Harford County District Court judge denied the order.

Federal law enforcement officials told Fox News the FBI is assisting local law enforcement partners, and that the shooting “looks like” workplace violence and not a terrorism incident.


Maryland’s handgun laws are among the strictest in the country. The O’Malley administration signed new gun control legislation in the immediate aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook in Connecticut. As you would expect, the new regulations wouldn’t have prevented anything that happened at Sandy Hook from happening in Maryland.

Here’s a case where the judicial system was made aware of a violent individual and they did nothing about it. If they were focused on warning signs more than on impeding law abiding citizens’ access to firearms, they might have stopped this shooting today.


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