Anthony Bourdain Criticizes Hillary's Weinstein Response, Gets Attacked by Flying Monkeys

The Harvey Weinstein situation is continuing to stir controversy among celebrities and the political left (the former being largely a subset of the latter, of course). Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is the latest to wade into the fight—and draw fire—by being critical of Hillary Clinton’s reaction to the revelation that Weinstein is a deviant and sexual predator.


“Revelation” is probably too strong a word given that Weinstein’s behavior by most accounts was well known in Hollywood and probably Washington as well. As long as the movies were bringing in money and the campaign donations were flowing into Democrat war chests, everyone was cool with it. That was until The New York Times upset the apple cart by publishing the story that mead it all real. Much like the rise of Donald Trump has divided the political right, the fall of Harvey Weinstein has divided the celebrity left. Bourdain, who had supported Clinton was disappointed in how she handled the Weinstein news.

Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is taking heat on Twitter after calling Hillary Clinton’s response to the Harvey Weinstein scandal “shameful.”

Bourdain — whose girlfriend Asia Argento came forward to accuse Weinstein of rape — did not hold back in slamming the 2016 presidential candidate for her tepid response to the allegations made against the Hollywood mogul.

He took his disappointment to Twitter with what appeared to be a sincere and ration expression of how he felt. It was hardly an attack on Clinton, but it still brought the #ImWithHer tribe down on his head.

Cy Vance is the Manhattan district attorney who chose not not to prosecute Weinstein in 2015 for charges of sexual assault.


Of course it was. Hillary isn’t known for being honest about the sleazy men in her life.


Bourdain dropped a few insults aimed at right wing critics to prop up his bonafides but it wasn’t enough to satisfy Hillary’s flying monkeys.

Former Hillary and Chuck Schumer flack Brian Fallon swooped in to to defend his liege.

People do eat scorpions, and Bourdain probably has on one of his shows, but most will read that as a suggestion that Bourdain harm himself for daring to criticize Clinton. He’s trying to sound tough but he built in an escape hatch in case he takes any heat. Very typical behavior for political weasels.

Nor did he say she was. He explicitly said the opposite.

The only thing Bourdain is putting on anyone’s shoulders is a tepid response from a politician who claimed to be qualified to lead the free world and who is friends with Weinstein. Hillary Clinton blamed a vast right wing conspiracy for her husband boinking the help in the White House. She laughed while talking to a journalist  about getting a child rapist off the hook. But Bourdain’s expectations that she speak more forcefully about her friend and benefactor committing rape and sexual assault is feeding “rape culture.” These people are genuinely idiots.


Again, Hillary is only being “blamed” for her own lame response, but this is the culture of the left. They falsely twist anything they don’t like into being something worse, no matter how illogical. The notion that Weinstein is responsible for his own actions and Hillary is responsible for her own statements is a foreign concept to them.

It’s a good thing when people on the left get smacked in the face by their mush-minded social justice warrior brethren for making reasonable statements. Maybe it will one day wake them up to seeing the crazies they have allied themselves with. 2017 has in many ways been a year of disruption, division, and shifting alliances. Hopefully all the chaos settles into a more reasonable order where the insane no longer have so much power.


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