Sandy Hook Mom Blames Congress for Vegas Shooting, Invokes #TakeAKnee and Climate Change

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only one trying to make political hay from the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Nelba Marqués-Green, the parent of one of the children murdered by Adam Lanza during his attack on Sandy Hook Middle School, is blaming Congress for the Las Vegas shooting.


Of course the reality is that there really is nothing Congress or anyone else can do to prevent people from committing acts of violence. No law Congress could have passed short of confiscation of all firearms could have prevented what happened in Vegas.

My understanding is that taking a knee is primarily a protest about violence perpetrated by police.

I guess nobody should ever have a gun. Not the cops. Not the private citizens. Then what?


Congress cannot make laws to prevent the unpreventable.

It’s understandable that the Las Vegas incident would drag up a lot of feelings for someone traumatized by a previous shooting, but Marquéz-Greene drifts into a general political rant using typical left wing buzz phrases and about Congress not addressing a series of left wing causes. Climate is relevant to the crime of a single individual? What does healthcare legislation have to do with a nut committing mass murder?

Again, her grief and disquiet are appropriate to the situation, but she is a perfect example of why emotion should never trump logic and reason while making laws.



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